Our chocolates are founded in the traditions of my native France, where I learned my craft as a young man. I personally select only the finest ingredients: fresh fruits and zests, Tahitian vanilla, premium hazelnuts, Québec maple syrup, and, of course, only the very best chocolate. Then it’s off to our climate controlled ‘chocolaterie’ kitchen, which allows us to make precise, small batches for you – from the initial chocolate tempering process right through to the final garnish. To that we add a little joy, in the hope that here in this box, you will find some too… Enjoy! ~ Thierry Busset, Maître Chocolatier.


individual 2.10     small box 9.95     medium box 21.95     large box 38.95


Nut and allergy disclaimer: while peanuts or other tree nuts may not be a key ingredient in every one of our baked goods, all our bakery and pastry items are produced in the same area where products containing various nut items are created. Though best practices are used in the manufacturing of our baked goods, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur.

Flavoured Ganache

  • Pistachio

    white chocolate + pistachio + gin

  • Palet D’Or


  • Palet Maple Syrup

    69% + Quebec maple syrup

  • Cognac

    62% + milk chocolate + Courvoisier

  • Coeur de Guanaja

    70% dark chocolate + candied cocoa

  • Ginger

    69% + fresh and candied ginger

  • Coffee

    57% + Thierry signature espresso + Kahlua

  • Caramel

    40% + milk chocolate + cane sugar caramel

  • Earl Grey

    62% + milk chocolate + bergamot Earl Grey

  • Vanilla

    white chocolate + Tahitian vanilla

  • Tonka Bean

    69% + shaved tonka beans

Fruit Ganache

  • Palet Framboise

    69% + 46% milk chocolate + raspberry liqueur

  • Coconut

    33% white chocolate + coconut pulp + white rum

  • Passion Fruit

    55% milk chocolate + passion fruit pulp + white rum


  • Muscadine

    triple sec + cream + hazelnut paste

  • Gianduja

    hazelnut chocolate base + cream + cocoa butter

  • Hazelnut Buchette

    62% + cocoa butter + 60% hazelnut paste


  • 45% Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate Bar

    Kayambe chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao beans characterized by notes of caramel and hazelnuts

  • 72% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Bar

    Venezuelan chocolate made from criollo and trinitario cacao beans characterized by notes of currants and chestnuts